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You've been hearing about skin prep for a long time, you've probably been doing it for years. But what is skin prep, anyway?

Skin prep is the process of prepping your skin to be ready for makeup which involves removing any oils or dirt, as well as taking care of any acne or other blemishes. The skin prep is best done using the Multi Flat Brush. It is a better tool for your seamless skin prep which makes your moisturizer, face primer, Mattifier and toner blends into the skin without hassle.

Skin prep is especially important if you want to make sure your makeup goes on smoothly and stays put all day. Think of it like getting dressed for a big night out. You don't want to wear something that's going to make you look tired or too casual, so you put on the nicest clothes and accessories that you have and then take extra care with your hair and makeup before going out. The same concept applies with skin prep, the goal is to make sure that your skin looks its best before putting on makeup.

Here are some quick tips that you can use to prep your skin, whether you have oily, normal or combination skin:

Step 1: Cleanse

The first step in any skin prep is to cleanse. This can be accomplished with micellar water to wipe away dirt and oil from the skin completely. Using moisturizer after this step is highly recommended.

Step 2: Apply Serum 

Serum gives moisture, which is a key part of prepping for makeup, regardless of your skin type. Use a hydrating serum to help your make up go on smoothly especially if you have an oily skin. It helps to improve skin texture over time, prepare and protect your skin giving you a more even base for your makeup.

Step 3: Apply moisturizer

This step applies moisturizer using the multi-flat brush around your eyes, nose, and mouth area as well as on your lips using lip moisturizer or balm.  Moisturizer will help keep your skin hydrated while also helping your makeup stay in place throughout the day. It also helps protect against chapping and cracking of sensitive areas caused by dry weather conditions such as heat and cold weather changes you need to cleanse your face.

Step 4: Apply Primer

Use a primer underneath your foundation to help it last longer and keep any dry patches from showing up on your face. Primers fill in the pores, reduce shine, and reduce the number of blemishes you get on your face. If you have a dry skin, i suggest you use a hydrating primer and if you have an oily skin, i suggest you use a mattifying primer to hide the shine and control oil.

Step 5: Cover dark spots with concealer 

Use a concealer over any blemishes or discoloration spots on your face before applying foundation so that they won't show through during application (especially if you've got acne).

Try this skin prep routine and tell us your experience and what changed about your make-up if you notice anything at all. 


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