Ever since I was little, I've been obsessed with makeup and beauty products that do their job perfectly but one thing I haven't done is use concealer without creasing my under-eye. I realize how awful (and expensive) my makeup routine was. I tried different hacks until i found a solution and ever since, i am stuck to this routine and i feel i should share. By the end of this article, we're going to walk you through every step of a simple concealer routine that can teach you how to use liquid concealers without creasing and make up application easier than ever.

Before we proceed, what is a liquid concealer?

Liquid concealer is a type of makeup that comes in a liquid form. It can be used for concealing blemishes and imperfections on your skin, but it's not just for covering up redness or acne. This helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pores, while also improving your overall complexion

If you're looking for a liquid concealer that will give your skin that matte finish, we all love, look no further than yangabeauty smooth match concealers. This product is perfect for anyone who wants their face to look like it's been airbrushed.

i. Moisturizer is important so don't skip it. Apply enough moisturizer under your eyes using a multi-flat brush and avoid applying primer around the under-eye area

ii. Avoid blending your foundation towards you under eye.

iii. Choose a concealer that has a blending time and not too matte, yangabeauty smooth match concealer has the perfect balance. Let your concealer sit before you start blending. 

iv. Blend by dabbing the beauty sponge on a spot until blended perfectly then keep going. Don't press your beauty sponge on your face 

v. Constantly go back and use the side of the beauty sponge you used in applying foundation to blend harsh lines.  

vi. Immediately after blending, you have to go in with setting powder to set the under eye. It is best to set using a dry beauty sponge. Dust off excess products before applying. 

vii. If you want to go lighter, use a lighter shade of setting powder to bake afterwards.

viii. To avoid flashbacks just dust off using a very fluffy brush like the Hi-Light brush or the multi plus brush and spray the face with a continuous setting spray to absorb powder and reduce cakiness that is why i choose Set to go setting spray.

TADAAAA! Easy isn't it? Try out this technique without skipping a step! Leave a review when you try it out. See you next week with a banging hack!




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