How to fix lashes like a pro using @enlashng

Rebecca Uruowe

Hello Jewels,

Fixing strip lashes can be such a huge struggle especially when you admire how it looks on your friends who are experts in this lash glam affair. The truth is, applying false lashes has a way of taking your look from bland basic to stunning sassy.

I have attached a list and video guide on how to effortlessly tick lash fixing off your bucket /diy list or things I want to learn. 


Five easy steps to apply your strip lashes effortlessly;

1. Trim your lashes by the side to fit your eye shape & avoid discomfort, You Dont need to trim if it fits perfectly

2. Apply a latex free lash glue like @enlashng glue on the band and wait for 20 seconds for the glue to become tacky

3. Line your eyes with a liquid black liner and your strip Lashes should be applied just slightly in between your natural lashes and lid using a slanted pointed tweezer like @yangabeauty

4. Start your application from the middle and connect the beginning and end of your lashes like @enlashng

5. Use your tweezer to clasp your lashes and the strip lashes together for a comfortable outcome

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Thanks for reading

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