As easy as the brow seems there are steps to achieve the perfect brow and some of us are not even aware of what we are doing wrong, we just keep wondering why our brows are not falling in place.

Say goodbye to bad brows from today my people as i will share the common mistakes we make while drawing our brows alongside a tutorial on how to draw your eyebrow. You can easily draw the perfect brows with a few simple steps:


1. Do not over-extend the tail of your brows, it should stop at the outer V corner of the eyes.

2. Avoid painting your brow. Instead, draw strokes in an upward direction.

3. Use a pencil or gel that matches your hair color. This guides you on the shade of pencil that suits your complexion. 

4. Do not use a wide brush for your brow.

5. Avoid using lighter concealers to highlight the top and bottom of your brow, it makes blending very difficult and makes the brow unbalanced. 


Now that you have identified your faults, this is a step-by-step guide to drawing your eyebrow. You'll be amazed at how easy it is once you know what to do. 

1. Use a spoolie to keep the brow in place. 

2. Use a brow tamer or an edge control, just apply little to hold your brows together, especially for curly brows that refuse to stick together.

3. Mark where you want your brows to start and end. If they're too thin or too thick, you can always go back and adjust later. Draw a line connecting those points. This will give you a guideline for where to go next.

4. Fill your brows, make sure your pencil is sharp and pointy to add details to the brows especially while stroking.

5. Use a flat verge brush to define your brows.

6. Use your shade of concealer to highlight your brow and a shade lighter on the brow to avoid difficulty in blending; it leaves your brow looking neat and natural. Use a shade lighter (if necessary) to highlight the brow bone area for that extra pop.

7. Use a brow tint to soften the brows if it appears too dark or too light.

Last but not the least, frequent practice is what makes you better and faster at drawing your brows.

Try this on your next outing and share your experience with us. Check out Yangabeauty if you still don't have the Almighty flat verge brush and brow pencil that makes it super easy to achieve that seamless brow. 

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