Six easy ways to use BLURFECT setting powder

Kofoworola Teriba

Have you ever come across loose powders and you wonder what is this? Well, those are called setting powders. It's best used to set or hold your liquid make up products such as concealer or foundation in place and prevent it from shifting, transferring or moving. Setting powder can also help reduce the sticky feeling and shine that concealer or foundation often has after it is applied. It's a staple make up products with multiple benefits. I am sure you are only familiar with the common technique of using it to set your concealers. On this blog post i will be sharing 6 easy ways to use Blurfect setting powder. 
1. To set your concealer on the center of your face, use Blurfect Setting powder. It will give you that flawless matte look and last all day.
2. You can also mix your Blurfect Setting powder with foundation to get a fuller  coverage and long lasting wear.
3. Use as an eyelid primer. If you have oily eyelids, this is one of the best ways to keep them from showing through your mascara or other eye products; just apply some setting powder onto the upper lid before applying any makeup products into the crease area below each eye!
4. Use as an eyeshadow base. Setting powder contains ingredients that help makeup stay put on oily skin, so it can be mixed with other powders to create a base for eye makeup application or used alone as a way to set your eyeliner and mascara!
5. Use as a foundation primer. By applying your setting powder before using liquid foundation, it helps to keep your foundation in place and prevents it from transferring onto your clothing.
6. To matte out your lipstick application, set it with Blurfect Setting powder before lining then going in with lipstick for an ultra-matte finish! 
If you're looking to try or add a setting powder to your make up collection today, this is for you,  try Blurfect setting powder.

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