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An eye shadow is a cosmetic product that is drawn on the eyes, where it can be blended and/or layered over different colors. This can be to create a variety of effects that focus on the color of the user's eyelids.

If you're just getting started, applying eyeshadows can seem daunting. Of course, there are numerous tutorials on how to apply them although many of them focus on one particular type of product. It can be hard to find one that takes you through the whole process (from start to finish).

One thing about eyeshadow that i have learnt over time is that you have to be intentional. you need to know what you want to achieve before going in. The eye can change your look from 0-100, best believe.

Here are some tips for applying eyeshadow:

1. Pick a shade that works with your skin tone i advise you start with a neutral color like a dark brown or orange .

2. Blend the shadow into the crease, (your crease is the folded area just above your eye lid) either using a crease brush or just patting it on with your fingers. Try not to use too much product or put it directly on your skin, as this will make your eyes appear smaller and rounder than they are!

3. Tap off any excess so that there's less fallout during application.

4. Gently press the shadow onto your eyelids from above and below, making sure to blend perfectly so that you don't get any creases in your eye makeup when you blink or move around (this can happen when you use too much product). Then let dry completely before moving on to the next step of applying mascara!

I hope my guide was helpful to you! If there are any other products you would like me to do a 'how to' on, please let me know. That's all for our guide to applying eyeshadow. We hope it helps you to create a simple and chic eye look that you can take anywhere. For more makeup tips, check out our website and let us know if there is a specific tutorial you'd like to see.

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