5 Things to expect during and after your Brow Threading Experience

Hi Jewels,

We often get asked what to expect during & after  #YBBrowthreading experience @yangabeauty, we penned down a few to get you prepared ahead of your appointment. 


1. Bearable pain. This is the most asked question, is threading painful? well it depends on the Brow Artist /your tolerance/the time of the month *youknow* threading feels like tweezing multiple hairs at the same time. So we always encourage you not to flinch during the experience or else you could end up with unwanted bald patches. over all what you experience is a little pain with lots of joy to keep your entire face lifted. you know what they say, there's no beauty without pain 🙊🙈

2. Uncontrollable side effects may include; random sneezing and eye watering – they might literally stream (not from the pain, but the sensitivity) that's why we always have tissue by your side and your nose mask has got the sneezing covered. 

3. Next comes the Aloe Vera gel. Most Jewels look forward to this because of the cooling and soothing effect plus it helps reduce the redness.

4. After the session you'll have your best brows EVER. Formerly sparse, overgrown, wonky or wild brows will be transformed to look clean and defined. It’s just like you got a face lift. you leave way BETTER than you came in.

5. Your freshly threaded brows will be easier to fill in yourself, making the early morning makeup routine quicker.
you rarely have to pluck between appointments, but when you feel the need to (after 4-6 weeks depending on how slow or fast your brow hair grows ), save them up for a week and re-book via the link here

Price starts from N 3,762.5



We hope you enjoyed this, see you in the next post.




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